Momoko 02

Momoko is the well known doll. Momoko is a Japanese female name and translate like “baby-peach”. This doll is not for children! She has many details. She is famous for her versatility. She can be just a school girl or a graduated student, elegant smart lady or a win eager girl and many others… She is an embodiment of stile. So the clothier is should be chosen perfectly. Play Momoko 02 and choose something that you like! You have a wide spread of sexy costumes. Or you also have another variant: you can fully undress her. So whatever you want. Now it is your doll to play with. Train your strip skills on this Momoko doll and then you will be able to use these methods on real pretty girls! Think about it. Momoko 02 is a great teacher of sex, relations and stile. Play and enjoy.

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